It is really a hard issue to contemplate a generic auto-biography. Anyhow, as soon as this blog has just a personal aim, lets talk about something.

Birth records indicate that I was born in June 10th 1985 on Monday in Gergorian calendar corresponds with Ramadan 22th 1405 on alethneyn in Islamic Hidjri Calendar. Is that enough to invigorate the first beginnings of my life? I do not think so..

Eighties of Turkey: political, cultural, environmental and the most important religious upset reached the climax. I do not remember precisely, probably I’ve deleted all my memoirs.. The matter is I also deleted my childhood.. 1985: the succesor years of the bloody coup September 12th.. By the way, I am not an old dude, yet I’ve seen two military coups by this time.. Do not look at me pityingly…

It was a good job (probably difficult) for my family to keep me and my sister away from all these ongoings at that time.. Fortunately, I and my sister are smart guys 😉 Not a genious prototype, but surely smart..

My childhood was great. Rejoice of exploration, learning.. It was a great taste that I miss. Subjective poverty, innosence, ability to break rules.. These are just a few words of the utmost excellency of my childhood.

The day evertything broken was the first day in school. I was literate before any formal education, even I could make basic calculations. Playing with words and numbers.. so exciting.. Parents told me that I would have enjoyed my time in school, because everything is upon these games 🙂 Unfortunately, it was not true. Due to childish perception, all these guys were relaxing, enjoyable and worth to do. However, when I was forced to draw five hundered vertical lines, five hundered slanted lines to right and five hundered to left, then five hundered horizantal lines, and so on.. I decided not to continue school. The second day I gathered my stuff in second class hour, and with my almighty pride I told my teacher that I had quit school and she shouldn’t have expected me to do these homeworks anymore. She holded my arms, and I kicked her legs 5 to 10 times! Swiftly, I ran away 🙂

Mom found me at Beylerbeyi Dockyard (the farest place I could draw away in that age), and she warned me that the policeman would jailed me if I did not continue classes. I answered that there was just a slight difference between classroom and jail. She seemed that she was not expecting this answer; then she waited a while and then offered me bribe (a plastic dozer toy).. A toy was a big deal those days. It was irresistable, like Cleopatra for Caesear.. I thought about the bribery, added into my treasury and turned back to school. I hate school whole my life.. Unfortunately, I sold my soul in a price of a plastic toy! What a miserable treasury my empire has!

Nowadays I am working in an art studio.. Have a look at our works…

Being a peturner for a while..

Some of my friends blame me not to write my blog in my mother tongue.. I have no need to answer them.. Whoever likes to follow, I hope they enjoy..


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