Which is Far Beyond: Reality, Superstition or Fame?

RashidEkberovTitling this post, I spent time on which one should come first: Reality, fame or superstition. The order may not be important for some, it is all about from which direction you start reading 🙂 In addition, I can not hide my criousity about which one you see on the first glance. Difference may expose your personality in a way 🙂 Past to weeks I have spent most of my time on reading and thinking about  these three above. Many big brains discussed about them, I will not name them here, do not worry. One of my close friends Selcuk warned me about the style I write posts. He said my posts are quiet like newspaper columns rather than an online blog 🙂 I will try following his words, yet nobody can ask me change totally 🙂 This is what I am 🙂 Who determines the truth? What about reality? Is mind capable to define them? Who is the one that sacks some truths by naming them with vanity? How dare we, as humans, neglect the supreme Realm of Superstitions? These are just subject based questions as we put reality and superstitions as objects in statements. Then, what if the phenomenon of superstition gives birth to reality, or vice versa? What if not they are our toys, but we are dolls of them? What is the difference between being a worshipper of reality or idolizing superstitions? What a big deal for finding proper answers, isn’t it? The reason gives these questions importance is a simple statement made by Bayazid al-Bastami who is a sufi mystic and scholar from the ages of times. He says “You can not find the truth by seeking it, yet finders are among seekers”. There can be various interpretations of this statement, indeed. What I do understand is that man should seek the truth, by not escaping from (so called) superstitions; finding one drop of truth in Reality Ocean is not the aim here, the truth will find man who seeks for it. Coexistence of reality and superstitions is not ignorable. Which is far beyond then other is a nonsense questionarie, in my opinion. You may smell flavor of a truth in a superstition, if odor of fame is not dominant. Because fame of a superstition may harm the relationship between reality and superstition. So, I am begging humanity: Try to get rid of fame while excerpting from a truth; avoid from creating a myth with the essence of fame. There is no need for a pessenger inbetween them; purity, purity, purity… I think reality and supersititon is complamentary phenomenons. The supreme net linking all is mankind. Thus they are like our children. Nowadays, people are seeking the truth (that is a good case), however they generally misregard that they can never understand the truth without understanding the surrounding superstitions. I could not decide what kind of image I should have used in this blog.. I couldn’t find a good solution first, then I thought it will be better if I put the mindmapping paper in this blog.. Also, the image on the top is an art installation by Rashed Alakbarov. This artwork is really worthy to think and write about, yet the whole must be written in another post. Akbarov shows here how important the colleboration between reality and superstition. Refining, filtering and distillation is an important process and we need big brains and artists such as Alakbarov. mindmapping


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