Archeological Pornography


Very beginning of self;  how interesting to think about, isn’t it? It is all about a questionarie lit in mind. This questionarie never ends up with a cruel answer, that is why I call this kind of man “restless mind”. I may prefer to name it unpeaciful, uneasy, obsessed or doubtful; but none of these may corresponds with de facto of this phase of any spirit. This state of man is a supreme posture of his soul, mind and hearth. However, sometimes this questionarie may cause problematic issues as well.

arch1The most pathetic ones of “restless minds” are generally in archeology field. They are roasting under the sun for days just to ensure the original quality of their foundings. Most of them carry a bottle of water, these bottles are standing nearby them just as their closest friends in the middle of desert. Yet, they still hold on their patience to improve what they are looking for: Very Beginning of Self.

Just a few days ago I visited Istanbul Archeological Museum. The Museum was celebrating The Day of Museum and the doors were open to visitors till night. I have visited the museum several times, yet it was a great opportunity to see the columns, capitals, sarcophaguses of Roman Emperors and statues of archaic gods and goddesses during nighttime, when the sun set down and human made light sources clashes with moonlight.. It started with a great pleasure when the spotlights were opened to posture the best standing of Çinili Koşk (Kiosk with Tiles) which was build during the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. The gusto by which artistic quality of the architectural elements built were simply the best specimens of the transitional period from Selchukis to Ottoman era. Beatuy and pure beauty meets there… Via this link you can download a file with photo presentation from Istanbul Archeology Museum. This photo session was about 3-4 years ago..

chinilikioskAnyway, the aim of this post is not the case of my intellectual identity and pool 🙂 but a question: Does archeology sometimes become a pornographic issue? I realised that my answer to this question is “Yes; inevitably and unfortunately, yes!” The reason I put a green answer instead of red (what a pitty imagery for a colorblind person 🙂 ) is just because of what I saw there. In the museum, several mummies and burial corpses are being exhibited just as archeological or scientific affairs; at least I was thinking like this. While I was observing a woodwork on coffin, I saw a couple which were taking the pictures of these mummies for sharing in social platforms.. They were shooting selfies with these mummies of Kings and Lords of their times! Just for Instagram profiles! Smile and supreme joy I saw on their faces were brutal! How dare they behave irrespectful to the corpses of any human being! Have they ever thought about what if they die; then their corpses are being exhibited in Museums; then a snob generation come and do kidding about them? Does this suit on any fair maxim? How dare they can think these mummies are something they can consume?

arch2After witnessing this scene in the Museum, I started to say loudly “This is pornography” and my companion took me away from that section of the Museum. Yes, this is pornography! Pornography can never be zipped in just sexual manner!

Pornograpy means depicting of prostitutes. Greek porne means prostitute, graphie means writing, deptiction.

Do you acknowledge me? Isn’t this pornography?


3 thoughts on “Archeological Pornography

  1. Mr.Yale, a character from Manhattan movie (by Woody Allen 1979) says “It’s just gossip, you know. Gossip is the new pornography”. In the same way I say “Its just a selfie with the mummy you know, this is the new gossip. Gossip about mummies. For instagram’s sake.”

    • Modern man misunderstood the phrase “Everything’s man’s sake”
      He thinks everything’s his sake!

  2. for those who blissfully limit their lives on the “showcase” that is social media (which is the new term for “attention-span of other people”), all around them are nothing but background drops. days/months/years (not so much years) later they’ll not remember (nor will they care) where they were, all that remains is a silly photo with some “dead guy” at the back and the feeling of “they saw me attending that exhibition”.

    now I began thinking about aquariums… makes me shudder.

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