Political Metamorphosis and Tradition

threeoflifeI often try writing down joyful and relaxing posts ensuring my readers’ dignity from casual life; Meanwhile, I do care about the utmost dignity of my reason for writing on a blog. I can have several chances for writing to public; however I feel here is the best option to publish letters.. I feel free and reading my words is free of charge 🙂 I cannot promise, if I will be a famous columnist or an author, I will probably be expecting people pay me 🙂 🙂 Honesty is my case, forever 🙂 🙂

The topic of the post may not be accurate for those who expect me write on political ongoings. Although I always confess being an apolitical character, the people urge me to write on politics. Probably the reason is my last job; I was working in a news TV channel as a news programs editor. The title sounds so charismatic, doesn’t it? Sure. I never internalised that duty; finally I quit work 🙂 That does not mean that I am totally blind through political affairs global nor national. Nowadays, together with some artisan friends, I am in a struggle with my country to praise soul of fine arts, as well as human soul. The reason we struggle is simply ignorance of Turkey about the bounds inbetween politics, metamorphosis and tradition. These three always act as counter of eachother. Whereas I am strictly obsessed with words, I got to underline the etymology of politics, metamorphosis and tradition.

Politics comes from Greek word polis which means, city and state. The dynamics of modern state are almost corresponding with the aspects of Greek City-States. First of all, the basis is upon the relation between rulers and ruled masses. More, duties and the responsibilities of state via excellancy of  justice. Description and understanding about citizenship.. &c..

Metamorphosis is also coming from Greek Morphoe;  meaning form, contour, volume and beauty. The prefix Meta- gives the word meaning change in space or nature. Then, metamorphosis means any spatial or natural change in its form, contour, volume or beauty. (Here, beauty is not a case of cosmetic issue, but cognitive)

Tradition is the most important one to me for the misunderstanding of tradition in Turkey. I am coming that incentive part later on. The word tradition was generated by Latin words trans and dare; which mean over and deliver.

Afterall, we have covered the essences of these three words, now it is time t discuss about rival components of wealthiness. Why wealth? In Ibn Khaldun’s theory of state, as community needs its every individual essentially to stay in presence, It is community’s need for existence. State is not a human-established synthetic phenomenon, yet a natural and intuitive/instictional basement of wealthy. The climax of humanity is state itself, according to Ibn Khaldun. Well, why do state often become a monster? Is it just because of  the rulers, or else, are civilians shareholders of that shame? While brutal massacres and battles are, just commandants and static hierarchy are the factors of bloodshed and suffer, are they?

As we witness the ongoings especially in Islamic world­ (I no use Middle East; just near, middle and far are subjective) we see that imposed ‘ideal democracy’ corrupted. I never believe in democracy, but it’s our recent must. By a century, they will have seen a political metamorphosis, and, they will offer a new political manner instead of democracy. Is this a prophecy? Nope 🙂

Tradition is never about the past segment of the timeline, it also consists the present and future. In Turkish, “gelenek” which means tradition is a new established word; and it must be ignored and ripped off. Because the root of the word “gel-” means “to come”, and because if something comes you, that means you are the end point. it never corresponds with the idea of tradition. Tradition is about both coming, being present and going..

The image above is a figure of tree of life..

Gone mad?


4 thoughts on “Political Metamorphosis and Tradition

    • Rulers are not aliens. They are humans and citizens of the state. We manipulate ruling class, they manipulate us, as well.. here we witness a circular intercounter units of politics. Identity needs, rulers need “police, the state”, state needs population. Population needs identity. Not a linear but circular movement..

  1. Diyorum ki, what is ‘örf’ then or what was used for tradition before the new established word ‘gelenek’?

    • “Ourf” means “custom” rather than tradition.. We cmay also use “anane” in Turkish, instead of “ourf”. Ourf has root “a-ra-fa” (عرف) means “to know, to comprehend the soul of the knowledge”.. “Gelenek” as I mention in the post, is a fake word adopted like a dead child..

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