Stepping on the Fineline between Heathen and Faith

Last centuries were witnessing the inevitable fight among religion versus secular mind. I use word inevitable due to the utmost attacks of secular and positivist approaches to all religions. The notion “religion” became as an allergen for the pure mind (!) of modern men. They have stated religion as a bunch of taboos, or dogmatic data transfered via cultural and political issues from past segments of timeline. In fact, they are a little bit right on criticising religion as a subject matter. Today’s theologians must consider this projection.

The reason_debates are not spotless is that the sides are not aware of the content and the concepts of eachother. For instance, if we like to discuss about evolution of men with a theologian, we probably will see that most of them are not aware of the facts and the claim of evolution. They read Darwin’s evolution by the information in primary school books, which were just acting as a propaganda machinery. Their imagination through the human’s progress from monkey is based upon a simple comparison between the spiecies.

evolutionI do not say that Darwin is right, most of the evolutionist scientists also do not believe that. Evolutionism is far beyond by Darwin’s claims. At that time, biological assertations were quiet echoed on the walls of so called modern science. Later on, Social Darwinism influenced the quality of minds by “power and fight” and “survival of the fittest” theories.

To be honest, it was quiet easy to say something against Darwinism and conventional evolutionism. Today’s atheism and materialism are more and more difficult to handle with. In addition, today especially Eastern Muslim Scholars are not fully equipped by the means of intellectual debates. As secularism and positivism has grown up in Western traditions, the defend by religions must have been stronger than others. So, today’s Turkish theologian use the logical system set up by Blaise Pascal “Pascal’s Wager” to defend his religious belief against an atheist. We should not forget Pascal was an 17th century intellectual. What is Pascal’s Wager? It is a sequence of logical sets made to prove that any intellect must believe in God. Just because the balance between gain and loss if you believe or not in God. The statement is based upon that if you believe in God, You may loose just a few profane things; contrarily, if you do not believe in God, You will be punished in an eternal Hell.. So, if you use logic, you must find that in either cases you gain more 🙂 I can not see this statement touching the idea of faith. Faith is never a case of gain and loss in Islam! You believe just because God exists, there is no other issue which can be followed by a muslim believer. This theologian (not want to say his name here) is never be aware of the presence of God!

Some theologians may say that this argument is proper for public speech, but they are not aware that modernity may suck you! Using arguments from 17th Century only proves that you are lazy 🙂 🙂

Idolizing human intellectus instead of worshipping an already claimed God is nonsense. If you say that my god is my mind, I respect you 🙂 Even you say that you do not believe in God, it is your choice… My word is to those who say that reasoning never ends with de idea of God.


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