Where is My Ithaca?

Odysseus was fighting against angry gods and beautiful goddesses.. There was always a tangent point touching death sphear in his story. He insisted and resisted to rely on his aim: Ithaca. Ithaca was not only a concrete objective to reach, but also an imaginary galaxy grown up in his mind. A galaxy of his roots, trunk and leaves.. A galaxy his ancestors lived in.He could imagine how they had cultivated lands and rode wild horses. Ithaca: A galaxy his wife serves him; he could imagine her beauty even while he is lying in a witch’s bed.. Ithaca was a galaxy of Odysseus’ children in which they rule his people. Ithaca is neither a land, nor a word: It is pure imaginary. How we do understand this, because Odysseus did not find Ithaca as he had been feeding up in his imagination. Ithaca was a place of aristocratic fights, greed and hypocracy.

As above, Odysseus had lived an imaginary world, then faced with reality. It may sound strange you here, nevertheless, do not forget that we all mankind, still read his story.  This story flows us up his imaginary world, and sweeps our minds away from the realities in which we are currently living.

Even though I know his imaginary world was destroyed by “The Reality” at the end of the story, I am still seeking for a functioning imaginary reality 🙂 Here the point is it must be “functioning” 🙂 I am not in if I have to live like hippies 🙂 I am pursuing an imagination for establishing “Good”. Believe me? I can hear you 🙂

I see that there are just a few who still follows this blog 🙂 5 months break is a big gap, I can understand that. Yet, I am still writing my  posts, and waiting for comments to enhance sharings..


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