Analogue Experimentation

Here are some captions I exposed with my Nikon f50. Developing B&W films is a bit expensive for now, that is why just a few of colored photographs I can upload.. I need to save money, or beg my friend Ejgibey for developing my 10 rolls of Ilford PAN400 🙂 Frankly, I took these photos in several years, I was a little bit lazy to go and give photo store for scanning them. These are out of 3 rolls of 35mm film. 3×36=108, and number of photos I have from these rolls around 15. Is analogue photography a little bit wasting hobby? Yes, sure 🙂

Around 8 years ago, while I was in a photo trek in Istanbul, I saw pigeons roving in Istanbul Bayezid Square. When I got my camera out to take some photos, old woman arrived me and gave me some grains to give birds. I realized that she was selling grains for feeding pigeons 🙂 I told her I have no money to pay her the price, she answered me “No matters..”. Anyway I took photos, and thanked her for supporting my art, she blocked my way!! She was not asking for the price verbally, anyhow I saw her demand by mimics. I told that I had warned her about my penniless situation and I am student, &c.. She angrily answered: “Well, you say that you are student, you are penniless! Even though it is true, you are doing photography!” At that time I saw photography as a luxury hobby 🙂

If I had a wide lens like 12mm in cropfactor, I would never used full frame camera. I have a lovely Sigma 17-35 f-2.8 nevertheless, with 1.5x crop factor of Nikon d80, view narrows around 25,5mm of focal lenght. Anyway, I am thankful God that I have a good photography equipment.


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