Feeling a Fountain Pen As If My Veins

Who remembers the last time using a pen to write something? Taking notes on a private notebook? Sketching something on thoughts, or drawing a plan showing your friend the way s/he is on? Who can imagine how does tactile pleasure of paper feel like? Having ink spots on your index finger? These questions sound you nostalgic pursuits? Are answers really so far from present? How did we forget about all these easily without questioning? &c..

When I first heard about, I assumed that I may ever hear such a foolish idea like Futurism. What Futurism broughts is basicly there is no timeline, no predetermined rules, no assigned social roles, no linguistic experience.. Tallking about science? Bullshit! There is no past and present anymore.. What an idiot brain who claims such an idea! Anyhow, today the idea we live in has _at least the same cockeyed situation with Futurism. Presentism destroys the entities and realities having possessed by mankind, more than Futurism does. Leastwise, future is not happened: Probabilities expands the amount of entities on the time line. One of the most extreme futurist example of expression is Marinetti’s poem “Zang Tumb Tumb” .This sonorous poem Zang Tumb Tumb is more meaningful rather than the common emoticons we use in siber communication platforms. (By the way, I was swearing to Marinetti for writing this meaningless poem just two years ago, now I am thankful:) Marinetti calls his poem in words: Words of Freedom! He felt himself free in using words only he can understand! That is the freedom of timelessness which Marinetti-like futurists sought for. Probably, the situation we are in is a stepforward issue of Marinetti’s claims.. Oh! Modern world, in which I am never!

Starting by my sincere feelings on fountain pen, and coming to modernity arguments.. I am going mad day-by-day..

Anyway, let’s go back to our main statement: Feeling a fountain pen like my veins and seeing diffusion of ink like blood.. Following pen-nib flow on paper, spreading ink on chiselling surface and the sound while nib  strolling over paper. All these features create adequate ambience for a good written poem, or a well visualized sketch. I am _subjectively an old guy; the features above are what my generation is familiar with. Probably for the next generation a button, a screen or touchscreen, a graphic tablet has the same features with conventional recording instruments offer my generation. My expectation is about the utmost respect to all recording experiences on the timeline. One should not forget that the word “primitive” derived by the word “prime” 😉 The way from cuneiform to touchscreen is something must be considered by everybody. This longtime development is not “Radically Born Revolution”, but of course a “Cumulative Evolution”. Indeed, this respect is formed in schools in early ages: At least, in primary school we learned how to make printing machine out of patatoes 🙂 Making prints was fun at this time, however when I was in faculty, I saw that people use these potetoes to make “Fine Art” 🙂I have a graphic tablet, I have keyboards, I am planning to buy an android tablet (a cheap one 😉 ), however, I am still using a 2mm mechanical pencil, a pen and a fountain pen when I am visualizing my ideas. Why? It has less advantages than new born technology offers me. From my point of view, conventional instruments give more wide range of sense such as tactile and audial, &c… But still I am not hardly sticked to them.. This may be something nostalgic for me..

I exposed the photo on the left; this is my Waldmann Pocket Fountain Pen. It is a gift from one of my friends. The cap and the nib is silver and the rest is lacquered. I have been writing with this pen around 5 years.. I feel the channels to its nib; they are my veins. The ink spreading out of the nib is like my blood..

At the bottom, you may hear the sound how nib screams on the paper. However I got some cold 🙂 My breating is a litte bit strange here 🙂


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