My Cruel Parrhesia: The King has no Clothes!!

I must have confessed before: The King is not dressed! There is, of course, a reason not screaming this truth till now. Whenever I saw the King, everybody made compliments on his wonderful clothes. I was supposing that I was the only who could not see the clothes. There must have been a problem surrounding my perception! Well, the question is why did not I tell anybody regarding my problem? Perhaps, I needed enough experience to express myself in appropriate way. It was not easy; the naked one is not an ordinary man, but a primary one: “The King”. After several months in army, I realized that I had adequate courage and determination to scream the truth! I see the smile on your faces, this is not funny. Being a soldier is quiet difficult, particularly in a place where terror spreads easily. Six hours on a watch tower in the middle of forgotten terrains… This _so called opportunity gives you wide range of time to think about most things even you never and ever realized. Even the fundamentals of your faith, ideology and believes might have being questioned while you are handling a 7.62mm G3 Rifle with hundreds of bullets…

Anyway, the time for scream “The Nudity of The King” has arrived. Things can go easier from now on. I have the experience, waiting for the survival in emergency. I have confidence to be safe after screaming the truth. Anybody else? Join me!

I remember an old dog in the military post, Its name is Ayı: The Bear. It goes to watchtower together with the guards, stays there for two hours at least, and when watch time finishes, it turns back to the barracks with the guards. What a loyalty..

So, happy for being back again. I hope my followers still there 🙂 Besides, There were a few when I left here 😉


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