Caveman Revives!

For around a week, I even could not hear the sound of my thoughts. Leaving %95 of my brain in Army Trustee Office gives many advantages (the rest for boy activities: viscus, &c..). However, it makes you incapable to think about any reality. Thinking? No need in army! Just obey the orders! %5 of a brain is enough for your needs..

I see a hundred young men waiting in a queue for closed canteen.. Never wanna see again..

I see a mass of garbage  in a cell at the same height with me (I am 1.73cm tall)

I see a hundred of hairy guy fighting for bath.. They all naked! Caveman revives!

I smell an odour that nobody can identify.. Not only words, also Jung’s collective subconscious is ever and never able to define that smell..

I confess, this post is cluttering a bit..

As Khayyam says:

By the visage of our garden, compare how beautiful our spring is..

*Bahçemizin halinden baharımızı kıyasla.. (Omar Khayyam)

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