Being A Pen Gunner Soldier

The photo above indicates my emotions through martial lifestyle. Being a soldier is quiet difficult, indeed. Particularly for those who are much fat such as me. Thanks God, I am quiet strong to perform in recruit soldier activities. After fifteen days of tough activities under sun light, I look like a overcooked bread 🙂

Turkish army is powerful, but strange. Army Depot Officers gave us all our needs the first day, nevertheless, none of the stuff fits nobody. My boots are number 45, inspite of 43; My uniform, what we call camouflage is two size bigger than my ordinary size. My cap is two size smaller than my head: I confess, I have a huge and blank skull 🙂

I have learned many things in recruiting session:
First One: Most of my friends coin me as abnormal person; Here, among three thousand guys, I am one of the normal ones. After spending my time here, anybody can show me as a specimen to illustrate aspects of normal personality. Veni, Vidi, Vici: I am normal 🙂

Second One: In civil lifestyle, we all have much than we need. Even a negligible thing can serve you as a lifejacket in army.

Third One: Morality is all we need. Maxims of being fair, moral and ethical are big cases in Turkish society. Recruit battalion is like a miniature of my people.. My people is loosing these maxims..

Forth One: Having a collage diploma may give us many things. However, it forgets us our bodies.. We are dying in front of desks, books and computers.

and so on..

Even so, one day less is a big case here..

We had 5 shoots with sound bullet, and 9 shoots with real G3 bullets. I hit 6 times the bull’s eye 🙂 That time I noticed the detriment of a weapon. My weapon is my pen! By words, I can shoot thousands of years..

A Turkish hero from 18th Century, Köroğlu told a ballad:

The time rifle invented, valour languished
Even a sword shall keep rust in its scabbard*

In these words he says that a man should not use anything to show power, a weapon never indicates a man’s masculinity! Be a man, never fight!

My parents came oath of enlistment ceramony for seeing me in this uniform 🙂 They could not distinguish me among 1200 soldiers 🙂 All of us have the same haircut, we were blushed under sunlight for 15 days,we all wear the same boots and uniforms.. I understand the difficulty to distinguish their son among that much guys…

Here are some clips of the ceramony:


*I translated from Turkish: Tüfek icad oldu mertlik bozuldu/Eğri kılıç kında paslanmalıdır.

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