Understanding a Joke After Twenty Years

Every culture has its own heros. Turkoman culture has a unique character called Nasreddin Hodja. This old Anatolian man is a wise but funny person, who tells jokes for society to educate them with cultural, moral and faithful maxims of all times. He is considered as both a master mentor and a philosopher. His jokes have survived for centuries; hence, Having in mind “survival of the fittest” thesis, He proved intelligency of his discourse of knowledge.

When I was child, We had a tape in which some of Hodja’s jokes recorded (that time, we used to listen to something by cassette players). There was a joke which neither I understood nor laugh. It was:

Once upon a time, notables of the town came to Hodja and they asked about the exact time of apocalypse. Hodja replied:
-Which one, the small one or the ultimate one?
The notables were surprised, and one of them told Hodja simperingly:
-All we are well educated persons, none of us have heard about two different apocalypses?
Hodja replied:
-If you ask, the small apocalypse happens when my wife passed away, the ultimate one is the time I die.

Today, when I am so closed to go to army for six months, I suddenly remember this joke. An enlightenment happened and I see the light 🙂 I have waved a giant number of my friends to military service, we wished our best to them, we gave our words to them, &c.. However, I now understand what they were in 🙂 a small case to fit in with a sorrow.. together with thousands of bald men with green and brown (not much matters to me 🙂 ), so on..

Is this my apocalypse? I do not know 🙂 I feel fine friends, do not worry 🙂 ; yet more, I am a bit eager to go there.. Hatay: Anthioch 😉 The southest pole of Turkish map..


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