Thinking With Hands

I have been drawing since I recognized myself as a being. It’s been a long time. Yet, I never use pencil and paper to create an image.. No sale, no exhibition.. I draw to think with another pathway. Understanding reality, realising inner voices and converting something from an idea to a concrete thing. I also see that nobody but I understand what is drawn on the paper. (Since 21tn Century, I use a graphic tablet rather than a paper 🙂 But what if electricity goes? I even do not think about 😉 )

If you compete with the characters in your mind, try drawing them.  The easiest way to eliminate the claims of the bad guys screaming in your skull is drawing them. Faces, mimics, gesture and postures, visual identities.. You may gather all these informations together just on a piece of paper. Their gender, age, socio-economical statues.. This technique may sound like schizophrenic. Whatever it sounds, It works 🙂 🙂

Try to find me on the piece of darwing left. Which one is belong to me? All of them? Probably. I have not decided yet. For those who are reading cheap personality development books such as “Use 100% of Your Brain”, “Find yourself” &c., this is not about psyche; claims something else.

After reading the book “Visual Thinking” by Rudolph Arnheim, I understood that I could never be a visual artist. Niether because I am not talented nor I am a color-blind, just because my visual literacy is so subjective. I do generate images to mute the  noise in my mind. I do not have right to visualize this noise, and present it to humankind as an artwork. Sorry, I can not do that. I mentioned about Duchamp’s Fountain in previous posts; He exactly did what I can not dare.

I drew the image on the right last year. I was reading a giant book including the book “Leonardo da Vinci: A Psychosexual Study of an Infantile Reminiscence” by Freud at that time. This funny psychosexual analysis by Freud urged me to work on Master Leonardo more. I observed his drawings and tried to extract his style out of his works (I have no claim of any aspect of the Master, it was just a personal attempt of a miserable guy).

I did not try to think like Da Vinci, I try to think about him. That is why it was not important to draw like the Master. The only think I understand about him: My impotent intellectus is not capable even to think about him. Best Regards to him..

I drew this rough sketch while I was waiting tram in Cengicvilla, Sarajevo. Electricity was gone and I opened my laptop and drew this frame to visualise the situation I am in at that long time. It was quiet long: 30mns. In a small city such as Sarajevo, it is a big issue 🙂 Thanks God I had no obligation to do that day…

Standing for drawing, yet I am not as crazy as these guys in this video below:

Everyting about this cartoon is written there.. Musical testosteron 🙂 Thanks for reading..


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