O The Lord of Four Directions! Where is the Center of the Earth?

(Allah is) The Lord of the two Easts and Lord of the two Wests: Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny? (The Noble Qoran 55:17-18)

The map on the left is from Sicily of 12th Century: The Map of a Muslim Scholar, Al Idrisi. Imaginary of the globe is suprisingly spherical. There is nowhere near to south pole, and ancient world is surrounded by infinite seas. The south is north, north is south 🙂 Mecca is placed in the center of the world. The farest known place near to nowhere is Mountain of Moon, (On the map it is written:  Cebelu’l-kamer, ve huve menba’u-nnîl, which means Mountain of Moon and it is the spring of Nile). Yet, Just near the scripture of Mountain of Moon, line of  equator is mentioned. That means, the cartographer knew about the lands which were waiting to be explored..

The farest east land is named “Gog and Magog” (Yaʾjūj wa Maʾjūj). These lands are belong to Mongolian Tribes 🙂 On the map, I can see Khorosan, but what about Bukhara and Samarkand? These are two cities as important as Kerman and Bolqar. Even the cartographer of this map is from Sicily, He did not prefer to write down the name of this island. I think cause&affect chain of 12th Century is not as reasonable as today’s paradigms. Reading the encodings under these imaginary is quiet difficult for modern guy.

Islamic enlightenment starting in 10th Century drew a new sphere surrounding the dimensions of knowledge, indeed. My opininion is upon a matter which corresponds with a recent renaissence of Islamic civilization.  What do I mean by renaissence is not similiar to western notion, of course. Islam never dies, thus never revives. We as Muslims are bearing a duty to derive a new acceleration to evoive an advancement, but not an evolution  Are we aware of this duty? Awakening happens, wait for the moment..

Is it really matter if the center of the world is determined? Mecca? Rome? Jarusalem? The center of the earth is flowing from a mind into another one. If I drew this map, I would put Istanbul in the center 🙂 Where is your center of the world?



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