Wilderness of Love

Oh Lord! Make me acquainted with the sorrow of love
Even a moment, do not exile me from the sorrow of love!*

While I was reading the heroic love story of Layla and Majnoon (Leylî u Mecnûn) in a book published in Istanbul, edition 1847, I fell in stuck to read one verse of a ghazal. Not having latin-lettered edition of the book, I started to search if I could find this verse on web. Of course, the first site I need to search is WikiPedia the Lifesaver 🙂 During my reading, I had a glance on the right sidebar images, then I decided to observe the depictions of Layla and Majnoon as well.

The image on the left, a scene of lovers while they are dying together in wilderness. Curiosity is depicted by the spotting eyes of people. While people from Frengistan(Land of Franks) to Diyâr-ı Sîn (China) are watching supreme moment of the lovers, an old wise man helps Layla for dying in peace. Besides, wild animals are protecting two exhausted lovers from unexpected visitors and enemies. These guard animals are illustrated as lion, hyaena and gazelle. What is marvelling to me: I have watched hundreds of documentaries on NatGeo about wilderness in Africa. What I concluded is that if you put a lion and a hyaena together with an antelope, an inevitable mortal combat happens among these animals. However, in this imaginary the minstrel and the artist put these three animals together, and assigned them the same duty: Protect the Lovers. This metaphorical allegory illustrates eternal and universal dignity of the Sacred Love. Opposite fragments of the universe are united for a call of duty: Natural-born rivals in service of love. In the story, love is the only essence of being, and must be protected. Beside love, all the possessions man created is nought:

Whatever in universe is love, seems
Just a rumor tale what we call knowledge**

The universe built on love must be protected, even Fuzûlî complains about detriment of his lament:

O Fuzûli! Your lament scarifies the universe
Why struggle, if consent with the sorrow of love?***

What is wilderness? Is it really as wild as a metropolis? Do wild animals bad things in savage deserts? Do they steal? Or kill to posess? Raping? etc.. The Eastern love phenomenon differs widely from western understanding. Widely different contemplation.. Purity and wilderness together.. In peace..

* I translated from original verses of Master Fuzûlî: Ya Rab! Belâ-yı ışk ile kıl âşinâ beni / Bir dem belâ-yı ışkdan etme cüdâ beni
** I translated from original verses of Master Fuzûlî: Işk imiş her ne var âlemde / İlm bir kîyl u kaal imiş ancak
*** I translated from original verses of Master Fuzûlî: Ah-ı feryadın Fuzûlî incidiptür âlemî / Ger belây-ı ışk ile hoşnûd isen gavgaa nedir?

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