Modern Art ≈ Gallery Prostitution

A long time ago, in collage, History of Arts professor (not want to sign the name here) told us a burden:

“Modern Art is the most expensive prostitution all over the world! A piece of _so called_ art is to be sold in galleries to whose do not have any idea about art, yet have money! The amount of money it is sold shows the quality of the piece..”

Hearing these words from a professor in his 60’s was a big shock at that time, indeed. However, by the time I realized that He might have told the truth; at least a segment of a truth. Production and consumption habits of modern mankind has derived new cultural structures layer by layer, dimension by dimension. Of course, new art should have got a big slice of birthday cake.. Surely, many authors and philosophers have disscussed all the major issues of the paradigm above, nevertheless, It is also my self-duty to internalize my sum of all these discussions. Having not cared about universal artistic affairs, I have to do this process to aquire full respect to myself. This becomes a bit megalo-centric post, I know 🙂

After understanding the essence of the message in professor’s saying and quick readings on aesthethics, arts and beauty by varying names from Avicenna to Althusser opened a giant gate through a new universe. Especially, Donald Kuspit’s great book “The End of Art” channelized me into the center of the discussisons regarding assasination of beauty in modernity. The only thing I do not understand is: After two bloody global wars, what can be a prior to beautification? I could have given an answer if i had a war experience (May Allah protect us!).

Anyway, the professor drew some shapes on the board and continued his words:

“Look at this square. This is a blank canvas. I draw a black square in it, and this is called modern art. Supreme, loyal.. and if you cut this black square by its corner, then it is more expensive than the first edition.. This is how modern artwork criticised!”

Assassination of beauty is at the time of our modernity.. I am not talking about new aesthetical approaches and tastes, my matter is all about excommunication of beauty-givers. Thinking about the most famous art piece of Duchamp “Fountain” may give a comprehensive idea about my point of view. It is an ordinary pissoir, disguisting urine drops may cover it! But it can be exhibited in most famous secession exhibitions!

Forgive my curiosity. I need to ask more questions here. Did Baumgarden ever think about Duchamp’s future contribution to his notion “aesthetics” ? Probably yes, the reason Baumgarten coined name “aesthetics” rather than “calliology” just because of the diversity of tastes or approaches to beauty. Nobody has to be Kant 🙂 or Levnî the Ottoman. Some may have been born to kill beauty..

My best regards to the excellency of my esteemed professor. He is one of a few on the list 🙂 Hvala puno!


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